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Samples of podcasts and radio hits that include cutting, editing, production, scriptwriting, and casting/chase production credits.

Self-published audio documentary on the painful remnants of a summer of protest against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota: Its environmental harms, risks to Native communities and the legal precedent that fervent over-policing around the pipeline could set. (Reporting, interview, editing, and production credits - December, 2021)

Self-published audio documentary on the legacy of well abandonment in the birthplace of oil and gas. Meet the people who are harmed by this legacy and the people who are fighting to rewrite it. (Reporting, interview, editing, production and sound design credits - May, 2021)

Self-published short two-way segment with Cheyenne Ligon on God, teeth and believing in the unknown. (Interview, editing and production credits - January, 2021)

Self-published one-minute vox pop featuring short interviews with workers at Brooklyn restaurants. (Interview, editing and production credits - October, 2020)

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 11.36.53

Four-part longform narrative podcast series on how sound works its way into daily life from the Globe Content Studio at The Globe and Mail. (Production, chase production, and scriptwriting credits - January, 2020)

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