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Audrey Carleton is an award-winning environmental journalist and producer. She is currently writing scoops, features and investigations about Pennsylvania climate policy and the influence of the oil and gas industry for Capital and MainShe was recently named Student Journalist of the Year by the 2022 Covering Climate Now awards. 


Before joining Capital and Main, she wrote environmental news hits and investigations at Motherboard, the science and technology vertical of VICE. She has a Masters of Arts in Journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York (CUNY), where she specialized in health and science, investigative, data, and audio reporting as a Knight-VICE Scholar.


Prior to moving to New York, she worked as a full-time freelance reporter and producer in Toronto, where she wrote scripts and worked as a producer on The Sound Of, a podcast for The Globe and Mail, Canada's newspaper of record. She also penned a weekly series for The Canadian Press, among other endeavors.


Audrey has written for The Guardian, Grist, The Nation, The Daily Beast, Earther, The Globe and Mail, Fortune, City Monitor, TV Ontario, Prism, YES! Magazine, and more. She's reported everything from longform features to short breaking news hits on topics ranging from culture and media to climate change and gun violence. 

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