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National email briefings deployed to Canadian news consumers.

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The Globe and Mail
July, 2018

Two people are dead and another dozen injured after a lone gunman walked along Toronto’s busy Danforth Avenue on Sunday night, randomly shooting pedestrians before opening fire on crowded restaurants. The 29-year-old shooter was found dead in a nearby alley after an exchange of gunfire with police, though it remains unclear if he died by suicide. His identity has not been released. The Special Investigation Unit is leading the case and has assigned six investigators and three forensic investigators.

The Globe and Mail

June 29, 2018

I remember what the air felt like the night I heard comedian Marcia Belsky talk about being banned from Facebook on an episode of the podcast Lady Lovin’. It was a biting December evening in Montreal, and I had popped in my earphones on the bus ride home from a professor’s office hours. As I listened to Belsky (at the time a stranger to me) describe what it feels like to be publicly harassed on a major social media platform, then banned for responding to the harassment, I was overcome with rage.


The Globe and Mail
July 6, 2018

Premier Doug Ford announced Thursday that the Ontario government is revoking its support for refugees seeking asylum in the province. In a statement, Ford blamed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal immigration policy for causing “a housing crisis” and threatening “the services that Ontario families depend on.” Ottawa has allotted $11-million to Ontario to handle added costs of asylum seekers, but the Ford government says Toronto alone, which is currently home to more than 3,000 refugees, could need $75-million. Trudeau responded by saying he doesn’t believe “the Premier was quite as aware of our international obligations to the UN Convention on Refugees as he might have been,” but expressed plans to work with the provincial government on the matter.

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